"Corona virus" during the winter - I want extra caution this winter

 The incidence of corona virus infection may increase during the winter in Bangladesh. Already, the government has developed a roadmap to prevent and treat the virus. Treatment of various diseases including cold-related diseases and covid-19 has been arranged in two parts. First of all, there should be no shortage of vaccines to treat colds. That is why the Ministry of Health on Monday instructed the Department of Health that there should be no shortage.

"Corona virus" during the winter - I want extra caution this winter

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Treatment of cold-related diseases

Secretary to the Ministry of Health, Government of Bangladesh, Md. Abdul Mannan has directed the Department of Health to maintain the stock and supply of medicines and vaccines for the treatment of colds. The most common problems that people get during the winter are colds such as pneumonia, influenza and colds in people of all ages, including the elderly.

We have been alerted by the Hon'ble Prime Minister's Office to prepare for it so that there is no shortage of medicines, especially vaccines, and we can stockpile or bring in popular Samaritans and do everything in the hospital.

Concerns: Management

Md. Abdul Mannan said, "We think that the second web of Bangladesh or whatever it is called is more important than it may come. In fact, its incidence may increase a little this time."

"We left the non-Kabir hospitals for treatment because there were no patients," he added. We have made alternative arrangements in them. If there is a crisis, we will prepare to use those hospitals again for the treatment of actors.

This is the management of the hospital that I have been discussing for so long. And in what proportion we have prepared doctors in the same way. But people are taking more treatment through telemedicine at present. Ready for this, the system is available everywhere, but we have made.

Weakness in resistance

Birha doctors say people have become so relaxed that their interest in getting coronavirus tested is much lower than before. As a result, the government has said that the exact picture of the infection is not available at present. Antigen tests have been allowed in government hospitals to increase testing and will be easily tested through antigen tests.

Professor Nasreen Sultana, director of the Institute of Economics at the University of Dhaka, said: That is why the infection is stable in dogs for 6 months and then up again.

He thinks that resistance should be given more importance than before. This is because in the current winter, coronavirus prevention has been declared to be dedicated to different hospitals from the very beginning, taking various steps including hotline, but now it has become a bit normal. Therefore, preventive measures should be taken such as a government campaign to straighten out the surveillance people and again people should be aware that they are not much more aware than before. Because people's awareness is much less now than before.

Officials also said that legal action and awareness programs are being intensified if Max is not used in crowded places.

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