Fire at Covid Hospital in Romania, 10 killed

A fire at a hospital for coronavirus patients in Romania has killed at least 10 people.

Fire at Covid Hospital in Romania, 10 killed

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A fire broke out at the intensive care unit of the northeastern Piatra Niames County Hospital on Saturday evening, according to the country's Emergency Situations Agency.

 Eight people died in the room on the third floor and two more in the next room. They were all coronavirus patients. Many patients were in ventilation at the intensive care unit, the BBC reported.

Seven more people were burned in the blaze and their condition was critical, officials said, including a hospital doctor. Officials also said it was not clear what caused the fire. However, government law officials said they would investigate the cause of the fire.

Romanian Health Minister Tatar told local media that the fire may have started from an electrical short circuit. Other coronavirus patients at the hospital said the injured doctor would be taken to another hospital in Yassi, a hospital in the capital, Bucharest.

The deadliest fire in Romania since 2015. A fire at a nightclub in Bucharest has killed at least 65 people. The number of coronavirus patients identified in the country so far is three lakh 53 thousand 185 and out of them eight thousand 813 people have died.

It is also learned that on Saturday, about 13,000 Ruby were admitted to hospitals in the country, of which 1,172 came to the intensive care unit of the hospital.

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