Kovid-19: One-fifth of patients develop 'mental problems'

  Psychiatrists say a portion of patients who survived covid-19 infection are pictured as mentally ill. According to Reuters, 20 percent of the victims reported mental health problems within 90 days. Most of the covid-19 patients have anxiety and depression, which can lead to mental health problems and a high risk of dementia and dementia in a large number of patients with the karana virus, the researchers said.

Kovid-19: One-fifth of patients develop 'mental problems'

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Many people think that people who recover from covid-19 are at a higher risk of mental health problems. Our study also raises 21 concerns, said Paul Harrison. Professor at Oxford University.

The study found that for the first time in three months, covid-19 was detected in one out of every 5 patients. Although the risk of contracting A is 19 percent higher than others, the study found that the study had a major impact and increased the risk of the disease in many people, according to a study published in the Lancet.

Simon Wesley, a professor of psychiatry at Michael Bloomfield Kings College London, said that people with mental illness have a higher risk of developing Covid 19. The previous infectious outbreaks are similar to those that have come.

covid-19 affects the central nervous system, which can lead to further disorders, he said.

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