Peru: Third president in less than a week

 Peru's Congress has elected a new interim president. In less than a week, the country's third head of state. Francisco Sagasti, the country's oldest member of Congress, until next year's presidential election.

Peru: Third president in less than a week

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Opposition Congressman Francisco Sagasti ousted President Martin Viscara on Monday. Although this member of Congress has denied this. Protests erupted across Peru over his power deal. At least two people were killed and several protesters were injured during the protests.

Manuel Marino, speaker of Congress, took over as interim president of Peru after removing Vizcara. But the situation was reversed when police used force to quell the protests against Marino, and Marino came under pressure when 12 members of his newly formed cabinet resigned in protest of police brutality.

He was forced to end the crisis on Sunday under pressure from lawmakers to resolve the crisis. Sagasti was elected the third president in just one week after being elected by Congress.

He is the only member of Congress to have voted against Vijkara's impeachment. His victory was confirmed after securing the necessary 60 votes to be elected president.

"Restoring stability and ending this nightmare is the priority for Peru," Congressman Alberto de Bellaunde told Reuters ahead of the vote.

Unrest is taking place in Peru at a time when a coronavirus outbreak is battling the world's second-largest copper producer, as well as concerns of falling into the most unstable economic situation in a century, Reuters said.

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