Twitter has hired hacker 'Mudge' to strengthen security

 Giving chicken to a thief is almost always seen as a risky decision. Only those who live in the world of technology are often given the job of providing security. The latest name in this list is the social media Twitter platform. This social media has given the post of security chief to the famous hacker.

Twitter has hired hacker 'Mudge' to strengthen security

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No one will recognize Peter Jatko, but the hacker is better known as 'Maz'. Unlike hackers, he has no job to hack online, from passwords to email and A to Z.

Peter Jatco will tell Jack Dorsey directly about his activities. On Twitter, he will serve as head of security and will have the opportunity to make detailed recommendations on changes to the organization's structure and practices. He will take control of important security activities on Twitter after passing a review step of 45 to 50 days.

Peter Jatko said he would look into "information security, site integrity, external security, platform integrity". Prior to that, he worked on the Pentagon's Defense Advanced Research and Projects Agency (DARPA) in overseeing the security of the electronic transaction process, Stripe, and in special projects at Google before Stripe.


Peter Jatkor (Maz) career began in the 1990s. At that time, he (Maz) was constantly working secretly for a government contractor. Jatco (Maz) was also one of the leaders of a hacking group called the Cult of the Dead Cow. The hacking group persuaded Peter to leave the Windows hacking tool and Microsoft to improve their own security.

"I don't know if anyone can fix Twitter's security. But I kept him at the top of my list. ” - Dan Kaufman says about Peter Jatko. The former DARPA officer was at one time the supervisor of Peter Jatco, he is currently the head of Google's Advanced Products Group.

To prevent misinformation

Former Facebook security chief Alex Stamos has responded positively to Jatco. Stamos once worked for Jatco's security consulting firm. Alex Stamos, the former head of security at Facebook, thinks that Jatco would be suitable for an organization that is not financially strong like Facebook and Google. Alex Stamos is currently working as a Stanford researcher. He has also been instrumental in preventing misinformation about the recent US election.

"They have to find creative ways to solve their problems," Stamos said. And Maz is famous for being creative in the security sector. ”

Jat said the Twitter feed is determined to improve the discussion.

Twitter is not doing well on security issues, and two people who worked on Twitter a year ago were accused of spying for Saudi Arabia. They could not maintain the Twitter account of Maharathi in July this year. The accounts have been in the hands of hackers for some time, and bitcoin scams have been run from them.

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