US Presidential election 2020: Michigan's 'dead voters' are still alive

  It's been almost two weeks since the US presidential election, but the controversy over the results is not over. President Donald Trump has yet to concede defeat, but his supporters are alleging irregularities. Is the person on the list really dead? The BBC is investigating a list of Michigan states. The BBC has about 10,000 names of the dead.

US Presidential election 2020: Michigan's 'dead voters' are still alive

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A group of Trump supporters first posted the list on Twitter, then the dates went viral on other social media. Several Republican lawmakers posted the lists on various social media sites.

The list includes the name of the zip code ballot paper when it was received, the full date of birth and the date of death. The list shows that someone died even 50 years ago. Anyone can access this database.

Moreover, there are many websites that keep records of the dead, but the exact information is not always found by searching, but because in the United States, a huge country of about 330 million people, there are more than one person born in the same year and even in the same month. One person may have been born in Michigan in January 940 and another in the United States. One of them may be dead now.

To verify this list of dead voters in Michigan, the BBC first randomly selects 30 names, then adds the oldest person to the list and begins a search for a total of 31 people. Talking on the phone, it was confirmed that there was no information about the deaths of 17 of the survivors and no clear evidence was found that they were alive and the other three were actually dead.

Which came out in a BBC search

The BBC's search team first looked at Michigan's online database Gate to see if it had returned the mailboxes to 31 selected leaders, then searched the database for names of the dead and discovered that people of the same name had actually died, but not in Michigan but elsewhere in the United States. They realized for themselves that they were actually working with two parties, one of which was in Michigan and voted. The other died somewhere else in the United States.

Retired Michigan teacher Vert Garcia, one of the dead on the list, told the BBC: "I am alive and I have voted for Biden. I must die if I want to vote in the trunk. Another 100-year-old woman has been found in a nursing home in Michigan. In the year he is shown to have died.

On the phone, Maria Arendz, 72, said: "I'm old but I'm alive and I swear I'm mentally and I'm in good health. Another 100-year-old woman on the list, who was shown to have died in 1997, voted by post while she was still alive. She voted by post last September, but died just weeks before the Nov. 3 election day, her neighbors said. She died before polling day, but her vote will not be annulled, but she could not confirm whether the woman's vote was counted.

The BBC's list of 31 people includes two more policemen whose names are in the Election Commission's database but whose postcodes and public health have been searched, according to the BBC. Ballot papers have been sent in the name of their deceased father, not their names, in the case of both of them whose names and addresses have been registered.

A local election official said one of the two had voted by post and it was calculated that the dead father had voted, but there was no evidence that the man had voted separately in his own name.

Based on the BBC's search

A BBC search of the list of 10,000 dead people released by Trump supporters to allege vote rigging has clearly found two, as there is nothing wrong with the names on the list, but most of them died randomly, not in Michigan, but 31 others. All of them are professors of law

Justin Levitt said if Michigan is a state as big as Michigan, it would be wrong to list it only for name and year of birth. The United States searches for dead bodies all over the United States, but the names and years of birth do not match the date of birth. This is a very common thing, said Professor Levitt.

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