Updated Google Map to help with the epidemic

 Google has already updated the apps along with the Google Assistant Driving mode to help customers with more information on the coronavirus epidemic.

Updated Google Map to help with the epidemic

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People around the world are trying to adapt to new outfits efficiently by overcoming lockdowns. The number of Google Maps subscribers has crossed 100 crore, the search engine giant updated the Google Maps app on Monday to help the customers.

We are constantly seeing that the largest search engine in the world is Google. Google is constantly coming up with some features for people that make the pace of human life easier and faster. There is no one in the world who has never used a Google product.

Updated Covid layer

Business Insider reports that the updated Covid layer of Android and iOS will show more information soon. The total number of patients identified to be closed in that area and all activities including links to covid information. Dane Glasgow, head of the Google Maps product division, says that based on real-time data from Google Maps customers, on Android and iOS, you'll see how crowded the bus is or how the cars line the subway. You can also find out if you can climb, depending on whether there is a patient.

The update claims that since the launch of the Covid level, Google has helped nearly one million customers with important information about Covid-19 through Google Maps.

States that will continue

Google has also launched a feature to track food take-out and delivery orders on Android and iOS Google Maps, and has recently launched the feature in the United States, Canada, Germany, Australia, Brazil and India.

Google's Glasgow says - now you know when to pick up food or when it will arrive at your door. You can find out the possible waiting time and above all you can also order the food of your choice repeatedly directly from the Google Maps app.

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