Biden: The sound of Ram signing an incentive bill

 Newly-elected US President Joe Biden has warned of the devastating consequences of the late Covid-19 incentive film received by outgoing US President Donald Trump.

Biden: The sound of Ram signing an incentive bill

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By Saturday, Trump would have signed a ban on the unemployed paragraph if the building had not become law. A BBC report said it would affect many things. There is also a five-day incentive package of 90 90 trillion last week after months of bargaining. It proposed paying 13 1,367 to Americans earning less than 75 75,000 a year.

Tran wants to raise the one-time amount to 2010, although Republicans in Congress are now reluctant to bring the amendment.

The kovit-19 1.5 trillion was provided throughout the central budget with economic incentives to prevent the spread of the virus. Trump's failure to sign is now at risk of becoming part of the U.S. federal government.

The BBC also reported that earlier on Tuesday, lawmakers passed a separate bill on the central budget that could handle the crisis. However, there will be no incentive for the delivery of the Corona virus. Trump's signature may be required to pass the bill quickly and make it law.

It is learned that about 14 million Americans will be affected if they do not get unemployment benefits and new incentive checks due to the unsustainable location of the border, according to various social media.

Today is the day after Christmas but millions of families do not know if they will be able to meet their needs in the end. He says President Donald Trump has not signed an economic aid bill that has been passed by a wide margin in Congress and has the support of both parties.

Outside leaders praised the kind of concessions Congressmen have made from their positions in drafting the bill, but said the president has made sure the Americans who join them can put food on the table and put it on their heads this season.

espite such calls from Britain, the victorious President Trump is adamant about his demands. I just want us to be for great people. He gets 2000 2,000 instead of the meager 600 600, he wrote on Twitter.

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