Coronavirus has taken on a new shape in the UK: all that is known

 The news of the sudden spread of a new scripture of the coronavirus in the United Kingdom came to the world at a time when the vaccine was raising hopes of an epidemic. It is also known that coronaviruses are taking on new forms.

Coronavirus has taken on a new shape in the UK: all that is known

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Prime Minister Boris Johnson has already imposed restrictions on his country, saying the changed form of the coronavirus is spreading rapidly in and around London. And he says that when the coronavirus attacks its attack methods, we must change our defenses.

Another new case of coronavirus has been found in South Africa, with mutations occurring in the United Kingdom, but genetic analysis of viruses in South Africa and in 90% of cases shows that this mutated bread is available.

The New York Times writes that science is concerned about the mutation of the new coronavirus, but not 20 minutes because they will discover a new type of vaccine. Genetic mutations are very common in the case of the virus. Because there have been so many big changes like this before, it is natural that in most cases changes in the structure make a big difference. Researchers have also found thousands of minor mutations in the new coronavirus that spread late last year.

Instead, the virus can sometimes become more dangerous than before, and sometimes it can weaken and even become extinct. World Health Organization w.h.o. Assured that nothing much has yet been found to be much more apprehensive about this new variant of power in the UK.

Why worry?

The BBC reports that there are three issues with the new type of power in the UK that are of more concern to researchers.

  • 1. This new type is rapidly taking the place of other parties there.
  • 2. Scientists believe that the changes that have taken place in the virus as a result of mutations are important.
  • 3.Tests have shown that the virus has increased its ability to attack new types of people.

How far the virus is spreading?

The mutated coronavirus was first identified in the UK last September, but in November it was found that one-fourth of all infected people in London were responsible for the new coronavirus, with only two-thirds going.

Dr Eric Vanjo, a researcher at Imperial College London, says it is difficult to say for sure right now, but what we have seen so far is that it is spreading very fast, and it is much stronger and faster than previous variants.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. The British researcher estimates that the rate could be as high as 70 per cent.

How much has this virus spread?

The BBC writes that this new strain of coronavirus has either spread from the body of a patient in the UK or from a person from outside the UK or from a place where there was not a good enough system to monitor the nutrition of the virus.

New types of coronavirus have already reached almost the entire area of the UK, except Northern Ireland, and the most widespread are in London and the south-west of England.

The NexStein, an organization that analyzes genetic codes for virus samples from around the world, says the new religion has already gone online in Denmark and Austria in the UK. Next step seems to be no.

What has happened before?

HANDET PERSON Yes, the kind of coronavirus that spread in China at the end of last year is not one of the most prevalent in the world today.

In February, a new unit called the 614G originated in Europe and later spread around the world.

What changes in mutations?

The BBC has so far reported that preliminary data from a new type of power analysis in the UK have already been released, suggesting that 17 of the changes in the gene structure of the mint virus in the Mintu seat could be significant.

There is a special issue of possible change of S pipe fitting in this iftar due to the ability to infect the new coronavirus has more impact. The most important part of the spike protein, the so-called store-binding domain, has changed due to mutations in n501.

What scientists have said so far is that this part of the 15-day period first comes into contact with water on top of the cell during infection, and mutations there are known to make it more dangerous if the virus becomes easy to enter the human body.

In another mission the virus type dropped sixty-nine by v70 proteins. That's why Spike has lost a part of it.

  According to Bridge's research professor, laboratory tests have shown that these changes have more than doubled the virus's ability to infect. This virus distance is increasing and that is why the government is concerned we are concerned most scientists are concerned.

Where did this new variant come from?

According to the BBC, citing researchers, new types of coronaviruses are spreading in the UK, causing mutations in unusual countries. It may be that the virus has altered itself in the body of a patient whose immunity has become extremely fragile. The body's immune system has not lost its cure.

Instead of time the virus is more deadly

No such evidence is yet in the hands of researchers, but more observations are needed. But if the new coronavirus argument spreads faster, it will naturally spread to more hospitals than ever before and spread panic among people.

Will the Covid 19 vaccine be effective against the new variant?

Building the body's immune system with the main three bucks in the various discussions is basically against this spike of coronavirus because this question is coming especially because the station can be changed

However, researchers have made it clear that coronavirus vaccines have been shown to be appropriate and will work against the new president, at least for the time being.

Vaccines are currently designed to make the body's immune system more active than ever before against different parts of the virus, so that mutations can be made in a matter of days.

But if the virus changes itself further, it could be a cause for concern, he said, adding that Cambridge professor Robbie Gupta is likely to avoid it. Already in the mutation of the virus he is indicating the process when he can change himself so much. And when he could not build resistance against it, the scientist said that even then people continue to be attacked.

This is probably the most worrying thing about the coronavirus mutation girl now. The coronavirus that has spread all over the world is changing itself according to its infectious ability.

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