COVID-19 Vaccine was administered by President Joe Biden

 Newly elected President Joe Biden has been vaccinated against coronavirus in New York City, Delaware, USA. Newly elected US President Joe Biden just took the first covid-19 of Pfizer Biotech.

COVID-19 Vaccine was administered by President Joe Biden

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Many political leaders, including Vice President Mike and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, have already taken Pfizer to task, according to local media reports.

Morden and distribution in the United States began on Sunday, with the country's drug and food administration authorizing its use on Saturday, with more than half a million Americans reported to have been vaccinated.

"I'm doing this to show that people have to be prepared to be vaccinated when the vaccine is readily available. There's no reason to be afraid," Biden said during a vaccination in New York City on Monday.

Joe Biden also said that if his wife had taken his first wife a day earlier, the newly elected vice president and his wife were expected to give the first coronavirus next week, and they had already told the media and BBC News had published the news.

Baidani's love has reportedly set a goal of vaccinating 100 million people across the United States with the covid-19 vaccine in the first 100 days of their White House administration. Since the onset of the epidemic, the number of covid-19 patients identified in the United States has exceeded 18 million and about 319,000 people have died.

President Donald Trump was hospitalized for 3 days in October after contracting the coronavirus. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

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