[Helth News] Kovacs was contracted for a dose of 200 crore vaccines.

 CoVAX, a coalition promising to deliver equal vaccines around the world, has announced an agreement to deliver 200 million doses of the vaccine, almost double the previous announcement.

[Helth News] Kovacs was contracted for a dose of 200 crore vaccines.

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On Friday, the alliance, led by the World Health Organisation, the Global Alliance for Vaccinations and Immunizations (GAVI) and the Coalition for Advances in Disease Preparedness (CEPI), said it aims to achieve 1.3 billion doses of vaccine in the coming year in 92 low- and middle-income countries.

Kovacs claimed in a statement that all 190 countries that have joined the project are preparing to get the vaccine by the first half of 2021.It is estimated that the first shipment will be sent in the first quarter of next year but the matter depends on the regulatory authorities' approval and the readiness of the countries.

The announcement today will include a straightforward path to save many precious lives worldwide and to conquer the worst stage of the epidemic.

Of the new contracts revealed on Friday by Kovacs for the vaccine, 160 million doses will come from AstraZeneca. A memorandum of understanding with Johnson & Johnson for another 500 million doses of vaccines has also been signed by Kovacs.

Richard Hatshet, chief executive of CEPI, said they were also in discussions with Pfizer and Bioentech about the vaccine. The two firms have already gained approval from regulators in the US and UK.

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