Rules for making a gaming PC for 13,000/= Taka- 2021

Now many people may have a question. This gaming computer can do the same thing. This gaming computer can play fairly small games without any problem. Besides, you can use Photoshop. The best gaming PC for people who have never made their own computer before, even then you can light-thin all kinds of work on this computer fairly quality.

Rules for making a gaming PC for 13000 rupees- 2021

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Best budget gaming PC

I think it is wise to buy an old computer without making a gaming PC for 13,000/= Taka. Maybe 30,000tk can buy a rural old computer for 13,000/= Taka. Buying a good quality old computer for less money is such a fun thing.

How many days will it take to buy an old computer? There is no guarantee that the computer will be damaged within seven days. Again, it may be that the computer has not been a problem for two or three years. You will do well before buying an old computer and then buy it.

Gaming PC component description

1. Motherboard: I think the 3355 IC Prime is the best motherboard in this budget. Along with this motherboard, an Intel processor is provided by Asus in this motherboard with dual Intel Celeron dual processor. With more Cochrane HDMI Port Max Resolution 3840 * 3060 30Hz. 13000/= Taka gaming pc for this budget computer this motherfuck is the best this motherboard will cost 5300/= Taka.

2. RAM: We are using 4GB ddr3 1600 as RAM due to low memory gaming PC budget of  13,000/= Taka. In this budget it is much better and I can't use 4GB ROM due to the current market being very hot. You can use more in the future if you want.

3.Hard drive: Since we will be making a gaming PC for 13,000/= Taka, we have chosen Tshiba 1tb 8 GB hard disk as the hard disk. You can use SSD if you want. Because if you use SSD, the computer will run much faster and the software will load faster so you will not get much express. You will get only 228 GB. But I think it's wise to use SSD.

4. Chassis: Now let's come to the case with computer casing Golden 116 casing we have chosen SSC has a fairly good quality power supply already I think this power supply will not be a very good problem in this budget if the budget can be increased even if it is difficult to use.

GTA Vice City

We are playing a lot of games on this computer. All the games can be played with good quality. You are allowed to play GTA Vice City game FIFA game on this computer. It is very good. You can play GTA Varsity on this computer without any problem. No matter what kind of problems City Games have, we need to keep in mind that we can't expect much.

Video editing

With Bangladeshi YouTubers in mind, we are doing video editing on this computer. Video editing was a fairly good quality short video. You can do it very easily. It takes a long time to render this computer. Full HD video editing takes a fairly good quality time. You can have a gaming PC of 13000/= Taka without any problem.

Photoshop and graphics design

We have tried a lot of Photoshop and graphics software on this computer. The software is good quality and you can do fair quality graphics design work. Best budget gaming PC without any problem. Remember the market is much less so we have been made for this computer.

If the budget of 13000/= Taka is much less then you can say then for whom this computer is made. The Congress has been created keeping in mind those who only want to learn how to operate a computer.

Lastly, I would like to say that for those who are only interested in learning computer at home, this friend is basically and those who will do good quality work with editing video editing, they must buy a good quality computer.

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