[Sports News] Messi will begin his career as a centerfielder

 Rivaldo recalls the success of Lionel Messi against Real Sociedad in midfield. His concept is that by playing this part, the Argentinian star will prolong his career. Nevertheless the Brazilian World Cup winner needs to see the six-time Footballer of the Year in the face of an attack.

Sports News] Messi will begin his career as a centerfielder

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Rivaldo shared his views on different aspects of Ronald Kuman's team in his column in Betfair on Friday. There the former star of Barcelona addressed the role of Messi in Kuman's squad.

"For Barcelona against Real Sociedad, Lionel Messi was great in midfield. He showed great creativity and as a result, Barcelona won in the league against the top team."

"But what Messi wants most is to play in front to score goals. So I don't expect him to play in the midfield. But he doesn't need to run too much if he plays in the midfield. It can be helpful for his career as he gets older."

The theory of Rivaldo is that Kuman plays Messi in a new role; that's why the captain gets fewer goals than in other seasons. The 2002 World Cup-winning star is keen to play with the same meaning in front of Messi, despite proving successful in midfield.

The last two matches in the league were won by Barcelona. The team is willing to compete for the championship with so many matches remaining. Kuman should go "match by match" to decrease the burden on teams, according to Rivaldo. He thinks that to increase the morale of the players, winning in a row is very important.

The former midfielder also spoke about Pedri, a young midfielder from the team, and Philippe Coutinho, a fellow midfielder. In the future, he assumes Pedri will be an important part of the team.

"Pedri, the young midfielder, was again against the Society in the starting XI and played great again. He is a very talented player who continues to prove himself on the field. He may soon become an important part of the team. "

Rivaldo claims, however, that more possibilities should be given to the 16-year-old Pedri to progress without placing pressure on his shoulders now. Hoping to return to the rhythm of Coutinho for another midfielder.

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