Overeating can lead to weight gain | overeating due to mental state

 Different foods have different tastes and different qualities that increase the demand for food. Hormonal imbalances etc. can cause weight gain. In addition, people often do not feel hungry due to different types of emotions, but the need for food increases and the accumulation of necessary calories and weight gain.

Overeating can lead to weight gain, overeating due to mental state

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When a person tends to take more rest than work and refrain from physical exercise. In addition to this, the rate of food intake continues to increase. Then his body starts to get worse. So what causes a person to have these problems is discussed below.

Feeling bored or bored

People spend their time on a monotonous or lazy day, watching television and having fun at this time makes the mind happy. And fun food means that there is no hesitation in eating unhealthy food. So at this time or when you feel bored, people take this kind of software food and gain weight faster than usual.


The tendency to eat light breakfast breaks to control stress has become more and more popular. Family and emotional stress in daily life is coming home with the tendency of people to eat sweets and people are consuming sweets as much as they can, resulting in extra calories and the hormones that are mainly responsible for this.

Eating sugary and fatty foods reduces stress on the brain but increases the attraction to such foods. Also hormones accumulate in the part of unused fatty acids which makes the body restless.

Life of loneliness

Many of us like to take some other help to keep ourselves from any trouble or bad thing. Again, it is a thing that plays a special role in keeping the human mind away from everything else, even if only for a while. When a person gets into food and is engrossed in food, he refrains from all the worries of the world. Again, it is a thing that plays a special role in keeping the human mind away from all other thoughts, even if only for a while.

A study published in the journal Hormone and Bear found that they suffer from loneliness. They have high levels of small hormones. As a result their khuda is felt faster than usual and they can look for food to eat.

The happiness of a human being

Different pleasures and foods are intertwined. After receiving any good news, a fun meal is arranged. It's a lot like giving yourself a gift, but in the process you are more likely to eat unhealthy foods.


A full form of frustration and human emotion. Relationships can cause people various frustrations in the workplace or anything else. As a result, the tendency towards food increases and people become addicted. Also helps to keep away from busyness even for a while. When it comes to overcoming frustration or lacking the courage to overcome the problem, it becomes difficult to control the urge to eat.

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