covid-19: Bangladesh almost doubled to death in two weeks

 The number of deaths due to coronavirus has been increasing day by day since the onset of winter in Bangladesh. The death toll has almost doubled in the space of two weeks.

covid-19 Bangladesh almost doubled to death in two weeks

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The number of deaths is increasing day by day as the necessary treatment for coronavirus is not done in the whole country, health experts said. Says, if this situation continues, worse situation may arise in the future.

According to the Department of Health, the death toll from coronavirus in Bangladesh has risen to 6580 in the last 24 hours with 36 deaths till 8 am on Saturday. Of these, 230 were killed between November 22 and 28, and the number of deaths was 177 in the week before the 38th week of the onslaught, 15 to 21 November. The death toll from November 7 to 14 in the previous 36th week was 124.

The death toll in the 38th week rose to 106, more than 85 percent, compared to the 36th week. And last week saw an increase of 56 deaths compared to the previous week, about 30 percent more. The official daily corona virus infection in these three weeks is 2000. The total number of corona virus cases in the country has reached 8 lakh 60 thousand 620 people in the last 24 hours till 8 am on Saturday.

Bangladesh's first corona virus infection confirmed on March 18, ten days after the first coronavirus infection was confirmed on March 18, the government's pathology and research institute IEDCR. Then in one day the highest number of covid-19 patients was identified on 2 July 4 thousand 19 people. The highest number of deaths in a single day is June 30, 64 people. Then in a few months, the daily corona virus infection and the number of deaths gradually decreases. Fifty-five of them have gone.

Dr. Benazir Ahmed, a former director of the Department of Disease Control at the Department of Health and an adviser to the World Health Organization, said the sudden increase in the number of coronavirus deaths to 79.21 percent of all deaths over the age of 50 was cautious. I don't think reading during lockdown means I wouldn't go out of the house. After lifting the lockdown in a month, they can come out now. Also, family members are going out regularly.

Dr. Brandy Foreign It is expected that the number of deaths in the elderly during winter may increase further. If the winter is less with asthma, bronchitis and various respiratory problems, then the oxygen level in the elderly decreases further. Professor Dr Nazrul Islam, a member of the National Technical Committee on Coronavirus Prevention, said on Saturday that many districts still do not have ICU facilities and many do not have central oxygen supply.If someone in the district is seriously ill, he / she could not be given ICU facility.

Dr. Nazrul Islam said that the recent death of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina when she talked about keeping ICU system at the district level is not being implemented. He further said that it is not going according to the instructions of the Prime Minister but we have said from the very beginning that if we do not have to supply oxygen to the upazila then why it cannot be used and why it cannot be provided.

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