10 Tips for Comparing Gas and Electricity Prices

Comparing Gas and Electricity Prices

1) Get online energy quotes

Finding a better deal for your business energy needs is not difficult. Get online energy quotes from all suppliers in your area, so you can compare gas and electricity prices. You will then be able to make an informed decision on which company offers the best deal. Cheap gas & electricity is just one of the many benefits of switching providers. Switching can also save you money by providing you with discounts that are up to 30% lower than standard rates. So don't delay, get online energy quotes today!

2) Make sure you are on the best tariff

Your choice of tariff might be affected by how much energy you use, so before switching to a new supplier, make sure you’ve looked at your usage over the last year. Cheap gas & electricity can also come with hidden fees. If a cheap deal is worth it to you, check that it doesn’t include any extra charges on top of the advertised price. Compare Gas and Electricity prices and switch suppliers when necessary to find the best deal for your household.

3) Decide if fixed price tariffs are right for you

A fixed tariff gives you peace of mind and makes it easier to budget. It also guarantees that your energy prices will be the same each month. But if energy prices rise, so will your bills. Energy comparison sites can help find the best deals to suit your circumstances. There are many different types of tariffs available and understanding which is right for you is crucial to finding a cheaper gas & electricity deal.

4) Know how much you will use

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  • -The best way to find the cheapest gas and electricity is to compare prices online. You can also use a comparison site to search on your behalf. 
  • -Watch out for introductory rates, which may be cheap but increase after a certain period of time, or fixed rates that stay the same for years to come. 
  • -Energy comparison websites often have a slider bar so you can see how changes in energy usage will affect the price of your monthly bill.

5) Choose between a Big Six or Smaller Company

Compare energy prices for cheap gas and electricity deals and you could save up to £200 per year. But how do you compare the price of gas and electricity when there are so many different providers? Here are our top 10 tips to help you find a cheaper supplier that suits your needs.

  • 1) First, make sure you know what your current usage is. You can calculate this by taking the amount of kWh (kilowatt hours) or GGE (gigajoules) used in a billing period and dividing it by 30. 
  • 2) Know which tariffs will suit your needs: There are two types of tariff: Fixed Price Contracts (which guarantee you'll pay one rate until the contract expires), and Tariffs based on Usage Levels, where rates vary with use. If you want to know more about Fixed Price Contracts, read this blog post here! If you're not sure which tariff will suit your usage levels best, we recommend contacting suppliers with any questions!

6) Consider future costs

The German Rheinland-Palatinate region was considered an electrical energy price paradise in 2009, as the cheapest prices in Europe were found there. However, electricity prices have since increased by 50%. Cheap gas & electricity can be a short-term benefit, but it is not sustainable. Consider your long-term needs to find the best solution.

7) Never switch your meter off

Energy suppliers won't disconnect your gas or electric if you miss a payment because it is more expensive to turn off than to keep supplying. However, if you have a meter that can be switched off, never do so as it will significantly increase the amount of money you will end up paying over the course of a year.

8) Only make comparisons with companies in your area

  • 1. Find out the price per unit of electricity and gas for each company in your area. This can be done by looking at their websites or contacting them directly.
  • 2. Compare the prices to see which company is the cheapest.
  • 3. Consider switching to a company that offers discounts for direct debit or paying on time.
  • 4. Make sure you read the fine print before signing up with a new company, as there may be hidden fees or other charges that you were not aware of.

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9) Ask yourself these questions before switching supplier

Natural gas, electric, solar, or renewable energy prices can vary greatly. The best way to find the best rates is to ask these questions:

Just how much will you be using each month? What is your current usage pattern? Will you be eligible for any discounts offered by your provider (such as budget billing)? How many people live in your home?

10) Don’t get suckered into early exit fees

Don't get suckered in by a special deal to switch electric or natural gas suppliers and forget that you'll be charged an early exit fee. If you're still under contract with your current supplier, be sure to check the terms of your contract before cancelling it. If you're not under contract, find out how long it will take for your new supplier to process the request. It may take anywhere from two weeks to three months.

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