Top NFTs for the week ending October 26

 Reddit, a popular social media site known for its part in the GameStop stock squeeze, is now having a similar impact on the adoption of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Over 3 million Polygon wallets have been established by users, the bulletin board software reported last week. As a result, Reddit's Collectible Avatars NFTs saw an 800% increase in secondary market sales over the previous week. Our ranking of the top NFTs of the week is headed by Spooky Season, the most recent NFT release that has sold out among Reddit users.

Top NFTs for the week ending October 26

Halloween Season

As part of the social media platform's expansion into NFTs and avatars, Reddit user Poieeeye has produced a new collection of avatars called Spooky Season. With a base price of 0.17 ETH ($260), Spooky Season has been a big hit with message board users, selling nearly 1,500 avatars for $1.4 million. Reddit's Collectible Avatar sales on the secondary market have increased by 800% during the last week.

With millions of users joining the platform and trying to personalize their avatars, Reddit's new digital artifacts have been a revelation. While Twitter and Meta Platforms both attempted to win over users to NFTs, it appears that Reddit may have discovered the ideal blend for social media and Web3.

The Ethereum-based collection Nouns Nouns likewise focuses on an avatar theme. The collection's sales increased by 488% to $430,000 in the previous 7 days.

The collection's most intriguing feature is that each NFT is only released once during the course of a 24-hour period, which the initiative claims will last forever. Because of this, there is now only one Noun sold each week, at a cost of $70,000. The NFTs, according to the Nouns development team, are an experiment to better the on-chain avatar communities' present status.

The project's website reads, "Nouns try to bootstrap identity, community, governance, and a treasury that can be used by the community. Cryptopunks have attempted to bootstrap digital community and identity.


Before Halloween, sales of Dreadfulz, an Ethereum-based collection of 7,777 spooky figures, are surging. A multi-stage roadmap for the project is in place, and holders can stake their NFTs for DREAD tokens to acquire ownership in the staking vault. Members of the decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) will vote on proposals that seek to increase the DAO's wealth through the "DAO of the Dreadfulz," which will come after. Owners of NFTs will eventually be able to obtain a full-body 3D avatar to integrate into relevant metaverse initiatives.

Each Dreadfulz has a floor price of 0.015 ETH ($23) after rising by a staggering 164,000% over the previous week.


Killabears The 3,333 NFTs in the Killabears collection were created by Mexican artist Memo Angeles, who animated and randomly generated them on Ethereum. Together with well-known video game company Umbrella Games, the project was completed.

Holders of Killabears have access to special events including NFT drops, raffles, giveaways, and more. After a 30-day staking period, killabears can also be staked while on a "stake-cation" at the Kilton Hotel.

Sales of Killabears, which had a floor price of 1.55 ETH, increased by 87% over the previous week.

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Road Machine

Award-winning video game artist SpenzerG's new Web3 anime brand and NFT collection is called Street Machine. Over 500 distinct characteristics are hand-drawn into each NFT by the artist. This week, sales of the 8,000 NFT collection increased by 11,000% to $1 million. The NFTs will be a character in a sci-fi, cyberpunk, and anime universe that Street Machine intends to develop with the assistance of its community.

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