The West Bengal government of India has amended the house rent law

 About the house rent law: Many times the people of the village especially those who live in extremely poor areas find it very difficult. At that time he left the area and migrated to the city. But you have to go to the city and take a place in any of the big buildings. Those poor day laborers, but they eat day by day, what if the people's hard-earned money ends up renting a house. For this reason, the government has enacted house rent laws in different countries. Due to that law, the poorest people in the village can rent a house with a fair rent and get a small job in one of the places in the city.


The West Bengal government has recently amended the Rent Act. Section 13 states what the provisions of the proposed law are with the owner.

  • Number one - Rent candidates in the meantime
  • Number two - Premises can only be used for rental purposes
  • Number three - No rent or change of part can be added without any prior permission
  • No. 4- No partial right without prior permission can be exercised without the permission of the owner of this house
  • Number 5- If necessary, the homeowner can inspect this part by issuing a notice
  • Number 6 - The tenant is obliged to pay the landlord for maintenance at the rate of 10% of his friend

What are the reasons for eviction of a tenant?

  • If a tenant is using Premises for illegal reasons
  • If the premise is damaged as a result of intentional indifference
  • Sub-tenant without telling the landlord or without approval
  • Also the arrangement of any house or flat can be done in favor of the tenant
  • Many times the use of any nuisance or annoying parent though this tenant does with the owner / neighbors
  • Also the tenant does not pay three months rent or the recommended time for three rentals is within three years where regular monthly rent has not been paid.
  • Lastly, if the homeowner is a government employee or a military employee, he can order the house to be vacated.

For all the reasons that the tenant can get compensation

If this happens when the landlord has the degree to sue for the eviction of the tenant for the purpose but it turns out that the landlord is not using the house then the other persons concerned are not using it. That part of the rent has been rented out to another tenant within five years. Keep in mind that if you apply for eviction, the applicant will have to argue in favor of his / her statement, but he / she can get compensation.

What the landlord can do under the house rent law

  1. Under Indian law, Section 4 landlords can collect additional rent.
  2. Under Article 5, the landlord has no right to do as he pleases.
  3. According to section 6, the landlord cannot sell any furniture of the tenant and embezzle it.
  4. According to section 7, the landlord will not be able to collect any money from any representative of the tenant, but if he gets any degree from the court in this regard, then that condition will be considered void as per section 12.
  5. Section 8 states that according to the Calcutta Tenant Act of 1946, the rent there was above Rs.100. There is more than 15 percent and where 100 percent less. There you can rent more than 10 percent.
  6. Article 9 states when a fair India can be raised. If it is seen that the landlord is raising the rent for tax increase and is spending for the repair of the house, then it is legal but in these cases the rent cannot be increased more than 10 percent.

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Finally it can be said that. The entire article cannot be considered as a copy of the law under the Indian Constitution. There may be mistakes in this article, but don't get confused by reading this article. If necessary, you can seek the help of a lawyer or a magistrate who is closest to you to solve your problem. There may be mistakes in our article. But you can never expect a better solution from our article.

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