What is a will? What is a will? Who can make a will?

 A will is a written document and this written document is a legitimate reference to the person who made the will. According to Indian Article 59 of 1925, any person can make a will by dividing his movable and immovable property among his inheritance and this will will come into force after his death. In particular, wool is provided to prevent future inheritance or complications between the children.


Who can make a will?

  1. Any adult at any age can make a will of his own.
  2. In the case of a minor, the current Guardian can make a will through his representative.
  3. A deaf and blind person can make a will if he is mentally healthy, if he is not mentally unbalanced.
  4. Willingness should not be made if he is physically ill, addicted to drugs or loses his mental balance due to any other reason.
  5. If married women want to give their property to someone else while their husband is alive and of course they can only give it through a will.

The specialty of wool

  1. Under Indian law, it is not compulsory to pay stamp duty or register the mill for making a will.
  2. You can revoke or change as many times as you like after making a will. The will will also be considered valid after the death of the testator.
  3. If the testator makes a will before marriage and in that case his wife's rights are not mentioned then the will must be changed.

Learn how to make a will

  1. Fans of the Constitution of India can easily write their descriptions in any language, Bengali, Hindi, Urdu, Persian, Wilco on white paper, or they can dictate to anyone and even tell.
  2. One of the important things about wool is that there should be at least two witnesses in any case.
  3. Another thing is that I must make a will at the bottom right of each leaf of wool.
  4. But if a warrior thinks that he is in danger of losing his life on the battlefield and cannot get back on the battlefield, then he can tell someone about his will and it is called Will Privilege.

The most important information about the will

  • If any person finds information that Jalba has been stolen, then the relevant will will be considered void.
  • If the testator becomes an ungrateful child and his property is confiscated by a voluntary organization or trust, he or she can go to court later claiming his or her inherited property.

What is a deed of donation and to whom can it be donated?

According to the Transfer of Properties Act 1882 of Indian law, a living person can donate property to anyone at any time and that donation is again commonly called a deed of donation.

How to donate

Donations are subject to certain conditions and movable property can be donated.

Among the things that cannot be donated are- properties that are not owned, properties that have not been repaid, properties that are currently under litigation, properties that are in dispute. Gifted, stamp duty, revenue stamp, all the paperwork needed to make a donation.

What to do to get probate

If you want to get probate, you have to file a petition in the concerned court and if you want to get a pedicure, you need some important documents. Such as copy of will, copy of testator's certificate, total details of property and stamp duty as per valuation of property. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

About the transfer of property

The most important thing is to be in possession of the property for more than 12 years and to get the ownership of that land but to prove that you have been in the property for 12 years rationally and without hindrance. If a relative sells the property of his house, the debt can be recovered with the money of the court. You will also get the property yourself. This is called priority. Even the first buyer of the land next to you will know it.

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Finally it can be said that. The entire article cannot be considered as a copy of the law under the Indian Constitution. There may be mistakes in this article, but don't get confused by reading this article. If necessary, you can seek the help of a lawyer or a magistrate who is closest to you to solve your problem. There may be mistakes in our article. But you can never expect a better solution from our article.
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